Skinsafe is a registered charitable trust.

Skinsafe was set up by David Smith, one of the founders of the Fab Group, to tackle melanoma in New Zealand. David is passionate about wanting to reduce the number of New Zealanders dying from melanoma. David doesn’t see the need for anyone in New Zealand to die from melanoma, and decided to do something about it.

Skinsafe’s aim is to raise awareness of the risks of melanoma, and the importance of identifying melanoma at an early stage. Most people do not monitor and screen their skin as often as they should and when a problematic mole is discovered and diagnosed as melanoma it is often too late. We want to make a tool available to all New Zealanders that will give them an opportunity for regular self-examination and monitoring of their skin and the ability to send images and communicate with a health professional. We want to ‘help Kiwis hunt down skin cancers one at a time’.

our mission

is to reduce
deaths from melanoma,
in New Zealand.

Melanomas resemble moles but are cancerous growths. Cancer starts when cells in the body begin to grow out of control.

our vision

is that no one
should die from


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